WIP Wednesday

Here is a small excerpt from my upcoming book, Unforgivable. ***Unedited and subject to change.  Copyright Isabel Love 2017*** July (Anna, 14 years old, Wesley, 16 years old) “Oh. My. God. Why didn’t you tell me Wes got a tattoo?” Molly stares out the window at Wes...

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Unconventional Chapter Reveal

I'm so excited for everyone to meet Charlie and Quinn that I'm posting and ENTIRE chapter for you to read!!  Warning: this is NSFW.  You may need an ice cube, sex toy or partner at the ready.  Enjoy!! That’s some party trick. I’m so worked up right now, I almost can’t...

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More Unconventional Teasers!!

Unconventional is currently with my editor and I can't wait to see her suggestions to make my story shine!! I'm in LOVE with the graphics Najla Qamber Designs made for Unconventional - check out my latest teasers!!  (Can you tell I love purple?)   As you can see,...

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Unconventional Teaser #2

I'm SO excited about this book!!  Charlie and Quinn stole my heart (sorry Max and Monica).  Beta feedback has been amazing, and I'm starting re-writes this week.  Time to make my baby shine. This teaser really captures the premise of the book.  Can Charlie and Quinn...

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Teaser Wednesday?

I'm in so much love with my teasers I have to start sharing them with the world!  So even though Teaser Wednesday doesn't have quite the same ring to it as Teaser Tuesday, I can't wait until next week. Isn't Najla Qamber amazing??!! If you want to learn more about...

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I'm so excited to finally have a website!!!  Here are some updates... This weekend, I scoured the internet for photos.  I HATE looking for photos with a passion.  I always have something in my mind for a teaser or a cover and somehow, I never use the right search...

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