Here is a small excerpt from my upcoming book, Unforgivable.

***Unedited and subject to change.  Copyright Isabel Love 2017***

July (Anna, 14 years old, Wesley, 16 years old)

“Oh. My. God. Why didn’t you tell me Wes got a tattoo?” Molly stares out the window at Wes getting out of the pool in our backyard.

That tattoo.  Just the mention of it makes cheeks heat and my heart race. I lose the ability to form coherent sentences when I think about it. “I didn’t mention it?” I feign nonchalance.

She spins and puts her hands on her hips dramatically, her blond ponytail whipping behind her, her expression disbelieving. “Anna! You know you didn’t tell me. I would remember a tattoo.  Wesley looks hot!”

Jealousy is an ugly, ugly feeling.  It’s also swift and uncontrollable.  And my poker face sucks.

“Aha! I knew it! You do have a crush on him!”

I cross my arms over my chest in defense and sit on the edge of my bed. “I do not.” I look down at my toes, noticing the big toe has a chip in the purple polish.

She walks over slowly and sits next to me. “Hey, it’s okay to like Wesley.  He’s completely smitten with you too, you know.  It’s about time you guys cut the “just friends” charade and deal with it. Come on, you’re my bestest friend in the whole world, talk to me.”

I sigh, turn to her and spill my guts. “Okay, fine. I do. I mean, I didn’t always. And we are just friends.”

Molly’s expression softens. “Okaaay…” She motions her hands to keep going.

I lay back on my bed to stare at the ceiling. “But, God, his eyes.”  I sigh.

She lays back next to me.  “His eyes are pretty nice – I’ve never seen that color before, not blue, not grey, somehow both.”

“And his lips.”

“Full but soft and kissable for sure,” she agrees.

I go on. “And that tattoo!”

“So hot.”

“Yesss,” I agree. “He’s just so hot.  And most of the time I can ignore that he’s so gorgeous because he’s my friend, my brother’s best friend.  But there are these moments when I can’t stop thinking about kissing him and I see him look at my lips and I think maybe, just maybe, he might want to kiss me, too.”


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